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Clary Sage Oil for Hair

August 31, 2013  |  Essential Oils for Hair

Clary Sage, also known as Salvia sclarea, is an herb native to Africa, Central Asia and northern regions of the mediterannean.  The plant has a sweet, nutty fragrance, and has been used in medicinal therapies for nearly 2,000 years because of its healing properties.  Clary sage is known to be an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory, and many use it to treat ailments ranging from fatigue and anxiety to muscle spasms and halitosis.  However, Clary Sage is also used in the beauty industry due to its positive and known impact on stimulating hair growth.

The essential oil of clary sage is derived from steam distilling the leaves and buds of the clary sage plant.  Clary Sage oil has been well documented in its ability to balance hormones mainly due to its similarity to the hormone estrogen, which may be why it has a positive outcome on hair growth.  In addition to the hormonal impact, it is believed that hair growth is initiated due to the fact that clary sage oil reduces excess hair oil, and stimulates dormant hair follicles so they return to the anagen (growing) stage in the hair growth cycle.    Clary sage is also known to be a natural antiseptic and astringent, and many use the essential oil to refresh  dirty hair by absorbing excess sebum, a thick oily substance produced within the hair follicle. Clary sage has also been shown to be useful in preventing dandruff and thickening the hair shaft, which can give the appearance of thicker hair.  It also assists in adding luster and shine to hair, as well as making it more manageable.  Clary sage essential oil can be blended with other essential oils to create a synergistic blend to address your specific needs.

As with all medications including essential oils, because they are considered herbs and may impact your health, check with your physician first prior to initiating therapy.  Also, keep essential oil safety in mind by always making sure that you blend your 100% essential oils with a plant based oil in order to reduce irritation that may occur to the skin.

Kristy Wiggins Galbraith


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